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Course Name Course Price (Sale)
Ekman METT 3.0
Ekman Micro Expression Training Tool 3.0 will improve your accuracy to spot micro expressions. Recently updated with audio tips from Dr. Paul Ekman, this tool provides new and improved learning and practice sections.
$79 View
Ekman SETT 3.0
Ekman Subtle Expression Training Tool 3.0will train you to see the very “mini” expressions that often appear in just one region of the face. It has been recently updated with new faces, as well as new and improved Learning and Practice sections.
$59 View
Ekman METT Profile
Ekman Micro Expression Training Tool Profile teaches you how to recognize micro expressions when you have a profile (side) view of the person of interest. We advise METT Profile be used after having used eMETT 3.0.
$49 View
Ekman Micro Expression Training Tool Plus will help you achieve the maximum skill level and percent accuracy score that is possible for you with eMETT training by using the three extended practice sections and tests in METT Plus.
$99 View
Ekman Face Suite
The Ekman FACE Suite includes METT 3.0, SETT 3.0, METT Profile and METT Plus. We highly recommend this package for people interested in achieving the highest accuracy possible in spotting micro and subtle expressions of emotion.
$210 View
METT 3.0 / SETT 3.0 Combo
Combined pack of both METT and SETT. When used together, these tools will significantly improve your ability to recognise micro and subtle expressions of emotion.
$99 View